Varicose Veins and the way to Treat Them

Varicose would be the name used on describe the unsightly swollen and lumpy looking blue colored veins that protrude above the surface of the skin in certain people, frequently from the legs, while the veins in any section of the body can be varicose.


Endovenous Ablation are certainly not uncommon and may develop in men and women -- although generally affect a greater percentage of women. A primary cause of their occurrence is apparently due to sufferer having spent extended periods with their lives standing on hard floors, as might happen in a factory worker or possibly a sales clerk. The extreme and almost constant stress that happens because of the long stretches of standing is certainly which the walls from the veins become weakened, resulting in stretching and a loss in flexibility plus a tendency with the veins to "balloon" in places underneath the pressure of blood flowing through them as it ceaselessly circulates with the veins on the heart. There are actually valves in the veins that normally control the blood flow to the one-way flow returning to the heart nevertheless the stretched veins enable the blood to "fall back" and accumulate in a number of regions causing them to swell.

A condition of obesity can also contribute to the growth of varicose veins and girls tend to be an increased likelihood of developing them in pregnancy.

What you can do for relief

Since they are unflattering to look at, they do not usually present a major health condition that will require varicose vein treatment although they could be painful in some situations in the event the legs ache and get swollen or leg cramps are experienced. However, complications can arise which is worth noting there presently exists serious forms of varicose veins that lie deeper underneath the skin where obstructions could happen, blood clots can form who do require urgent medical intervention and varicose vein treatment. The second condition is known from the medical term "thrombophlebitis".

In addition there are less serious surgical procedures that may remove varicose veins to provide relief. A less intrusive treatment solutions are the utilization of special compression stockings, hosiery which can be fitted with the assistance of a trained heath care treatment worker, made to squeeze the legs and improve circulation.


There is often an urge to scratch your skin layer in the location of the varicose vein - but, difficult because it is, this urge ought to be resisted, the facial skin is thin straight away and bleeding may occur, sometimes severely so. That is because the blood within the veins is under high pressure. If bleeding does occur, immediately lay down with the affected leg raised and apply pressure at the aim of bleeding, preferably with the help of a sterile dressing.

Leg ulcers, sores that bust out on the skin

Usually, varicose vein symptoms cause little distress, although the following, since they occur less often, is one thing to be aware of:

Often associated with varicose veins, leg ulcers are open sores and a complication which needs to be treated at once to minimize the possibility of infection setting in. The sore or sores needs to be seen as soon as possible by a doctor who may prescribe use of an antibiotic ointment. Sterile dressings should be applied, perhaps on a daily basis with the aid of nurse at first.

One of the additional problems in self-applying dressings is the sores could be located towards the bottom and side of the legs where it can be difficult view them directly which makes it more difficult to position the dressings and bandages. They might take weeks to heal even with professional care.

Leg ulcers can also be a complication of diabetes, specially if poorly controlled diabetes.
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